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About the Author

Kim Sparkman-Berger

My AHA moment came about 5 years ago. I was talking to a longtime friend who had 3 daughters that were adopted. She was stressed because one of her daughters was meeting her biological father. She told me that she was thankful she wouldn’t have to feel this pain with her youngest because she came to us from an assault and we don’t know her biological father. My response was swift, I told her that, “we all were meant to be born and it didn’t matter how or by whom.” Boom! I could feel those words come directly from my heart and fly right out of my mouth. I could feel and understand that these words were meant for ME too! I was also meant to be born, and it didn’t matter how or to whom. God wanted me here for a reason and God does love me and I am worthy of that Love. It may sound childish but the joy I felt was childlike. The screen of my mind went from darkness to spring, instantaneously. I knew I was supposed to share my story, there were countless numbers of adoptees that grew up feeling the same was that I had. I wanted them to have this same experience, I wanted to give them their keys!

My original book was titled, “I’m Not a Mistake.” I attended an “I Can Do It” event and Louise Hay signed my title page! I started writing, Chapter One, starts with being given away. Chapter Two, being raised by a woman that resented and abused me because I was a constant reminder she couldn’t give birth. Chapter Three…….I CAN’T DO THIS. I am going back to darkness in my mind.

Then one night while driving home the darkness was interrupted by a bright light, a star and the words “heal the children, write a children’s book” was ringing in my ears. And so I did as I was instructed. I wrote to heal the child within. I wrote about being healed, loved, and accepted, from a place that I know reside.

I have embraced and allowed that special love I possess and have guarded so fiercely to emerge and include me. I remember always, that I hold the key and I wear one daily as a reminder.

I know my Life Purpose and I adopt it with my whole heart.

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